- We only use SABS approved Log's that are treated with the specific chemical's that are used to treat termites and other insects from entering the logs
- Our log's are very well prepared and we only use selected log's that are straight and have as little as possible crack's
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- Our factory workers prepare the logs by sanding all the logs with a large sanding machine and then the log's are cut into their sizes that are required to make a specific item. Then after the cutting of the log's they go outside again to be sanded with a sanding machine and then the logs are taken to our women workers were they use a specific formula that we mix to prevent the wood from cracks and holes.
The mixture is then applied to the wood and all the cracks are filled and checked after they have applied it. Then the log's goes to other worker's were they use an optical sander with a very fine sanding paper to again sand the logs for their final look. The log's are then very clean and are very smooth.
The logs are then taking inside the factory where the cabinet makers do their job by building the furniture that is required. After the furniture have been build. It is taken outside to be checked and to be sanded by hand before staining the furniture. After the furniture are completed a stain is applied to the wood by brush and then left to dry.
If the furniture are dry another coat of stain are applied. It is then again left to dry and then we use a special designed sealer that are applied by an air spray gun. After the sealer are applied the furniture are second coated with a sealer. The furniture again gets checked by our factory workers and the furniture is ready for our client.
Before delivery of the furniture furniture oil are applied to the wood to keep it moistened and to make the wood look bright and beautiful.
- Our furniture are build with much care and 100% quality guaranteed
- Our furniture are only been build on order, which ensures that our clients do not get second hand furniture but new handcrafted manufactured furniture.
- Our furniture also exceeded the international market as we exported our furniture to Israel, England, Nigeria and Botswana. Our furniture exceeded the expectations of the investors and distributors over seas.
In Botswana we worked at a Lodge and furnished the whole Lodge with Furniture, we installed Bedroom suites, Lounge suites, Dining room suites, Bathroom accessories, a Bar and Kitchen Cabinets. We also shipped out furniture every 3months to Israel were there a very upmarket Furniture store who imported our furniture and distributed it in Israel.

- All our furniture is handcrafted and our factory workers are very proud of their craftsmanship and do it with a lot of dedication and hard work.

- We can manufacture any custom made or designed furniture. We do custom made Kitchens, Bar's and TV Units' to our client's needs and desires and requirements
- Our Kitchen's and Bar's and cabinets are all unique because every single one are designed differently and with a lot of care.
We go out to our client and measure the specific area were cabinets / kitchen's/ bar's are required and then take the measurements and a rough drawing of the plan to our office.
Then the kitchen / bar / cabinet are drawn on the computer with all the specifications and the measurements. We then price the specific items and then add that to the drawing. We then fax or e-mail all the drawings and the quotation to our client were they decided if that is what they want and need.
- We also manufacture pool tables with slate top's and log finish and pool table canopy's for lights. We also supply the accessories for the pool table such as the stick's and the triangle and the balls.

- We also manufacture custom made built in cupboards according to our client's needs and measurements


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